Balance your skin flora

Our skin is covered with a protective skin flora. The good bacteria that are naturally present on your skin provide natural protection against bad external influences. Many care products and soaps kill both the good and the bad bacteria on your skin, leaving you vulnerable to new skin conditions.

Washing your skin too often with standard soaps, which often contain aggressive ingredients, unbalances your skin flora. This means that bad bacteria and fungi can get the upper hand and cause athlete’s foot, fungal infections, sweaty feet, etc. YUN’s FNG Spray strengthens the natural balance and contributes to an active recovery of the protective skin flora, so that bad bacteria cannot thrive.

YUN’s patented biotechnology uses good bacteria to fight these fungi and bad bacteria. YUN’s FNG spray soothes and prevents itching, irritation and flaky skin.

How does YUN works?

FNG spray


The FNG Spray is an active Spray with good bacteria that fights bad fungi and bacteria. The FNG Spray repairs the skin flora and strengthens the natural bacterial balance of the skin.

150 ML

  • Contains good live bacteria
  • Active recovery of the skin flora
  • Prevents irritations and itching
  • No alcohol

Frequently asked questions

How should I use FNG Spray?

Wash your feet and dry them thoroughly. Don’t forget to dry the space between your toes properly too. Shake the FNG Spray well and spray onto the problem area from a distance of 20 cm. Spray in short bursts of one second. After you have sprayed the problem area, wait a few minutes before putting on socks and shoes.

Does the FNG Spray contain good bacteria?

Yes, the FNG Spray does contain good bacteria. The patented YUN bacteria (YUN-V1.0, YUN-V2.0 and YUN-S1.0) in the FNG Spray have been specifically selected to combat athlete’s foot.

What is the shelf life of FNG Spray? And what is the best way to store FNG Spray?

You can use the FNG Spray until the stated expiry date (stated on the bottom of the spray can). The FNG spray is best kept at room temperature.

Does the FNG Spray also help against (wet) sweaty feet?

YUN’s FNG Spray does not help against sweaty feet. Smelly feet are caused by bacteria, yeasts and/or fungi that use sweat as a breeding ground. Sweaty feet are an extra risk factor for fungal infections between the toes. YUN’s FNG Spray can help against this.

Can I also use ordinary soap to wash my feet while I’m using the FNG Spray?

We recommend that you do not use any other soaps while you are using the FNG Spray. This is because other products often use hard ingredients and therefore remove not only the bad bacteria, but the good bacteria too. But you can wash with YUN’s SKN Wash. This gentle wash does not contain any aggressive ingredients and does not harm the skin flora.

How long should I use FNG?

We recommend continuing the use of the FNG spray for one week after the external cure. On average two to six weeks are needed to treat itching, irritation and flakiness, depending on the size of the area affected and the location of the problem.

Can I use YUN’s FNG Spray when pregnant or breastfeeding?

All YUN products are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Have the products been tested on animals? Is YUN vegan?

No YUN products and none of the ingredients have been tested on animals. The sale of cosmetics tested on animals is banned by law in Europe. YUN is completely vegan, none of the ingredients used is of animal origin.

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