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Super bacteria on the rise!

You have undoubtedly heard of it.

Fighting skin problems with good live bacteria … Sounds logical? But also a bit dirty?! No, because our skin is crawling with bacteria.

After years of research at the University of Antwerp, YUN succeeded in being the first in the world to develop skin care products based on good, live super bacteria.

With skin problems – such as athlete’s foot, acne or sensitive skin – the balance between good and bad bacteria is completely disturbed. YUN ensures that the skin flora is brought back into balance by protecting, strengthening and repairing the skin flora.



How does FNG Spray work?

Our skin is covered with a protective skin flora. The good bacteria naturally present on your skin, form a natural protection against fungi and bad external influences. Indeed, healthy skin is bursting with activity. However, many regular care products, which often contain aggressive ingredients and preservatives, kill both good and bad bacteria on your skin and unbalance your skin flora, making you vulnerable to fungi.

YUN’s FNG Spray adds billions of good bacteria to your skin. By actively repairing the skin flora, fungi can be controlled effectively and sustainably.

Where to buy?

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