More problems with athlete’s foot in the summer?

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Athlete’s foot is a common skin condition caused by overgrowth of a certain fungus – dermatophytes – that affect the upper layer of the skin. A fungal infection is usually accompanied by itching, flaking, vesicles, cracking and peeling skin on the feet and between the toes. The toenails are also affected and may – in some cases – discolour.

How does athlete’s foot develop?
Foot fungi feed on all kinds of things such as dead skin cells, molecules that appear in sweat but also with other material that occurs on the epidermis. They reproduce themselves by spores (reproductive cells). In a humid and warm environment, these spores can easily grow into fungi. Once the fungi penetrate the skin, skin infections might occur. Since fungi grow best in a warm and humid environment, the risk of contamination is greater during the summer period. Especially in a warm climate we are more likely to suffer from sweaty feet. This warm and humid environment promotes fungus growth, which leads to an increased risk of athlete’s foot.

Usually we’re not prone to this skin condition because our skin flora provides protection against overgrowth of all kinds of fungi. When the skin flora is balanced, the good bacteria protect us against this problem. Unfortunately, our skin flora can sometimes get out of balance.

A skin flora out of balance makes the skin vulnerable
Most products and soaps on the market contain preservatives and surfactants (foaming agents). These substances often have an antibacterial effect and kill both the bad and the good bacteria and fungi. Yes, it’s true! Fungi and bacteria are not always the bad guys. For example, on every healthy foot live billions of bacteria and fungi that are kind for your health and protect you against pathogens.

Once our skin flora is out of balance, the competition with the fungus – that causes athlete’s foot – disappears and dermatophytes start to overgrow. Did you know that after taking a shower, almost nothing of the skin flora remains on our feet? During showering, our feet are in the soapy water for a long time which means that they are nonstop in contact with the antibacterial substances that affect our skin flora, making them almost sterile. That’s why the first layer of protection from good bacteria and fungi disappears and your feet are more likely to contract a fungal infection or some other skin irritations after showering.

How to treat and prevent athlete’s foot?
YUN’s FNG Spray is an active spray with good bacteria that fights bad bacteria and fungi, including dermatophytes. The spray strengthens and repairs the skin flora so that the bad bacteria no longer stand a chance. In this way, you can prevent athlete’s foot or you can reduce its symptoms, such as itching, irritation and scaling.

In order to keep the skin flora on your feet balanced and thus prevent athlete’s foot, YUN recommends using the SKN Wash. This wash can be used on a daily basis and in combination with the FNG Spray. Unlike most soaps on the market, YUN’s SKN Wash ensures that the good bacteria and fungi – which are naturally present on your skin or in the FNG Spray – are not killed.


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