YUN NV focuses on proven and effective solutions to protect, strengthen and restore your skin flora. YUN is a privately owned European biotech company that carries out groundbreaking research and develops probiotherapy.

YUN works closely with Europe’s leading experts in probiotherapy in order to launch revolutionary products on the market. Thanks to them, YUN Probiotherapy is able to offer an effective and sustainable solution for common skin conditions. Together we can reduce the excessive use of antibiotics and antimycotics.

YUN is based on years of research and development by a team of the University of Antwerp, under the leadership of bio-engineer and Professor in Microbiology Sarah Lebeer, and bio-engineer Ingmar Claes. They are supported by Professor Filip Kiekens, head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceuticals of the University of Antwerp, and pharmacist Tim Henkens.

The search for practical applications for their research took the scientists to Tom Verlinden. His background as a pharmacist led him to start biotech company YUN. YUN received the support of both the Agency of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation of Flanders.


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