Years of research and development by the team at the University of Antwerp, led by bioengineer and professor of microbiology Sarah Lebeer and bioengineer Ingmar Claes, formed the initial foundations for YUN. Supported by Professor Filip Kiekens, head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy at the University of Antwerp, and pharmacist Tim Henkens, a sustainable solution in skin care saw the light of day.

The search for practical applications for their research led the scientists to Tom Verlinden. With his background as a pharmacist, he founded the biotech company YUN, whose mission is to give everyone access to effective and sustainable skin care to reduce the overuse of antibiotics and antimycotics.

The World Health Organisation predicts that if we do not change our massive antibiotic use, more people will die from antibiotic-resistant bacteria and so-called hospital bacteria than from cancer by 2050. We can only avert this health crisis if we study the microbiome in all its facets and thoroughly rethink the negative connotation that exists around bacteria. We now know that they constantly protect us and act as living medicine factories.

So instead of killing off bad bacteria with antibiotics and antibacterial care products, we add a lot of good bacteria in the philosophy of probiotherapy. We are the first in the world to get live bacteria stable in creams and sprays with a clinically proven result. We received support for this from both the Innovation and Enterprise Agency (Vlaio, previously known as IWT) and the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation in Flanders (EWI).

To this day, we continue to work with Europe's leading experts in probiotherapy to develop effective and sustainable solutions for common skin conditions. In this way, we can better protect, strengthen and restore your microbiome.


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