Authors: Sarah Lebeer, Eline Oerlemans, Ingmar Claes, Sander Wuyts, Tim Henkens, Irina Spacova, Marianne van den Broek, Ines Tuyaerts, Stijn Wittouck, Ilke De Boeck, Camille N. Allonsius, Filip Kiekens, Julien Lambert

“The skin is home to an important part of our commensal microbiota, despite it being a cool, acidic and desiccated environment. Tailored microbiome modulation approaches with, for example probiotics, are highly challenging for this body site. Here we show by next-generating sequencing that Lactobacillus taxa -especially those known to be dominant in the human vagina- are underestimated members of the skin microbiota. Specific Lactobacillus strains were selected in the lab and formulated in a viable form in an oil in water-based topical cream. Facial application by patients with mild-to-moderate acne symptoms was able to reduce inflammatory lesions and comedone formation. This was associated with a temporary modulation of the skin microbiome, including a reduction in relative abundance of staphylococci and an increase in lactobacilli. Skin microbiome modulation by addition of carefully formulated lactobacilli seems to be new therapeutic option to reduce antibiotic use for common acne symptoms.”


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